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I think it’s always nice to have a proper “About Me” page on a website that you put so much time into it – for me it’s almost a matter of courtesy to share some of myself with all the people who visit this site so often. All too often people will put up elaborate “About Us” pages and pretend to be bigger and more important than they really are but haven’t you noticed the best, most interesting and most useful websites seem to be solo operations? That’s exactly what you get with my binocular site because it’s just me – Matthew Jameson – running all of this. So now that we’ve gotten the somewhat informal introduction out of the way let me explain exactly what drove me to create this website and why I feel it’ll be a useful resource for you and thousands of other people.


That’s about the only time you’ll ever find me using a complex word to describe a simple thing and it just means that one of the hobbies I enjoy in life is bird watching – although not on a scientific level of course. Now I know that stirs up images of “train spotters” for most people reading this but bird watching is very far removed from train or plane spotting in my mind. For me becoming an amateur/hobbyist “birder” is something that started a little bit later in life and, believe it or not, actually started with me feeding wild birds who visited my home.

I found myself putting out bird seed and peanuts for the birds during the cold weather but pausing to listen to their song and finding myself both fascinated and immersed by it. I’m sure if my neighbors were watching me they’d probably have assumed I’d taken a dive off the deep end of sanity without a parachute but I didn’t mind – I was quite happy to sit there and listen to them chirp and whistle to each other and let my mind wonder as to what their “song” was all about. So in effect I became a bird watcher by accident folks but a happy accident at that. 

Why Write These Reviews?

As my hobby progressed I started spending more time actively studying these birds in more rural settings and that meant learning to differentiate one bird from another – both by their song and also by their physical appearance. So guess what I needed for that? Yup – a great set of binoculars and this is where I ran into my first real problem. It wasn’t that there was a lack of information out there about choosing binoculars but there was simply too much information, and too many conflicting opinions for that matter too.

So after finally choosing my very first pair of “semi-pro” binoculars I realized that I could save other hobbyist birders like myself from having to go through the same torture of trying to figure out which pair of binoculars was actually going to suit them best. In effect that’s exactly why I review all of these binoculars – so you don’t have to, and after initially sharing this information with my friends and fellow bird watchers it was suggested that I create an entire website around the topic and that’s exactly what brought me right to this point in my writing of this “About Me” page and all of the other information I have on the site too.

I sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed everything I’ve written so far and do please bookmark the site so you can check back in for when I’ve added new reviews and information for you. In the meantime why not check out some of the binocular tips I’ve already put together for you? 

Happy reading.

Matthew Jameson

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