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Binoculars Reviews: Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x42mm Roof Prism Binocular

Are you a hunter, bird watcher or a traveller who loves to do outdoor challenges? If you are, you will definitely find this Bushnell Binocular to be of great help. This particular device was created by Bushnell, which is a well-known manufacturer of binoculars.

What You Need to Know About Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x 42mm

This device is specially designed for hunters and birders that will definitely give perfect details with sharpness and color.

Bushnell 10x42mm Legend Ultra HD Binoculars

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Bushnell 10x42mm Legend Ultra HD Binoculars Top Three Key Features

  • The first is the RainGuard HD. The RainGuard feature is about a water resistant coating that makes the exterior of the lens clear at all time. This helps hunters and birders to see the creatures properly as they appear.
  • ED (Extra-low dispersion) Prime Glass. The ED feature is responsible in giving high resolution images, high clarity roof prism and color tuned.
  • Ultra Wide Custom Coating. It refers to an anti-coating process that is made on every lens in order to allow the best possible light that comes from the front glass. With this feature, the brightness and color across the spectrum are highly improved.

Additional Features and Specifications

In addition to the three key elements, this particular set of roof prism binocular also includes:

  • 10x magnification
  • 42 millimeters of objective lens
  • Close focus of 6.5 feet/1.9 meters
  • Field of view of 340 feet at 1,000 yards
  • Eye relief of 15.2 millimeters
  • 4.2 millimeters for the exit pupil
  • The prism glass of BK-4 includes a roof prism system
  • Multi-coated lens for the best protection

Moreover, it can be placed in a tripod, can resist fog and water, and contains twist up eyecups. Bushnell 10x42mm Legend Ultra HD Binoculars is considered a good buy since it also has center focus system and comes in a standard size that weighs only 700 grams. It also includes a prism system that decreases the size needed to have a long optical path. Additionally, you will also enjoy roof prism where it helps objects to line up directly together with the eyepiece. As a result, users can experience a streamlined and slim shape and make the prisms and lenses positioned to form a straight line.

Benefits of Using Bushnell Ultra HD Binoculars

This particular model of Bushnell binocular is what most outdoor enthusiasts find in a sport optic. In fact, it has received several positive reviews since it was redesigned to provide a lighter, slimmer yet a very tough design. Here are some of the features that I came to love:

  • Ultra high definition feature is what makes it different from others. This feature is the one responsible in giving very clear images of objects and creatures.
  • The super-premium ED glass gives the needed brightness and light transmission of every user.
  • I also like the RainGuard because it still gives a clear view even if there is excessive moisture in the environment due to unfavorable weather or own breath.
  • The weight is also a big factor since it has been made light due to the use of a magnesium chassis.
  • For me, the Bushnell 10×42 gives very sharp and clear images that make it perfect for birders and hunters. It also uses a fluorite glass, which is a top quality material for lenses.
  • As a result of all these great features, this set of binoculars have outstanding optical quality and performs its best even under poor lighting conditions.

Loopholes in Using Bushnell Legend Ultra HD

In spite the positive reviews, there are still a few reviews that are not so pleasant about this set of binoculars. However, these negative reviews don’t really include major features that can make it inferior as compared to others.

  • One is the negative features I found is about the eye relief. I discovered that only an average eye relief value is included for this particular model. The lowest value for eye relief is at 15mm and Bushnell only provides 15.2 millimeters that is why it is only considered to be at an average level. If only it includes a higher value for eye relief, it would have been a lot better.
  • Another negative comment is with the focus dial. I can say that the focus dial is very stiff and that makes it hard to adjust. With such, it takes additional effort in order to get the perfect adjustment.
  • This particular model does not include a zoom feature, which might put a limitation on what the users may see.
  • I noticed that the night vision feature can’t be found in this device, too. With such, I can’t recommend it to those who want to hunt, perform bird watching or do any outdoor activity at night.

 Other than those, Bushnell Legend Ultra HD are considered a great buy and a perfect gift.

Conclusion and Final Words

Taking into consideration what I have discovered, a clear conclusion can be made easily. These Bushnell 10x42mm Legend Ultra HD Binoculars have excellent value since there are several great features included in it. Though it is not cheap as compared to other brands, it is still considered a good buy considering what it has to offer. In addition, fog proof and water proof are two important features that are needed in every set of binoculars. Binoculars are being used outdoor, so moisture and wetness are just some of the common threats. So, if you are out in the rain, you will never have to worry of getting a blurry vision since these binoculars will do the job for you. It also a good point to take note that this device can perform its best even when there is a low-light condition.

About the Price

With all the positive comments and reviews I have listed down for this product, it is just right to say that it every penny is worth spending. All my negative comments are just minor and will not have a big impact on its total performance. Taking into consideration all the positive and negative comments, we can conclude that this is highly recommended for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly bird watchers and hunters though it may come a little pricey as compared to other brands. With Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x 42mm Roof Prism Binocular, it will definitely help you to have a memorable experience with hunting and bird watching.

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