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Binoculars Reviews: Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x42mm Binoculars Camo

Bushnell is known in providing three key elements in all its binoculars. In fact, this is the reason why this manufacturer becomes different from others.

Bushnell 10×42 Binoculars Product Details

In every Bushnell binocular that you will purchase, you will get the three key elements, which are the following:

  • RainGuard HD – The feature called Rain Guard HD is a coating that resists water in order to keep the lens clear even if there is a presence of moist and water around.
  • ED (Extra low dispersion) prime glass – The ED glass is responsible in giving high resolution and color-tuned images. This is made possible with the use of BAK4 prism system that gives a superior optical glass in order to produce improved optical quality and clearer images. Normally, this system is present in high performance binoculars since it works better than BK-7 prisms.
  • With regards to ultra wide band coating, this is a process that includes anti-reflection coating that allows enough light to pass through from the front glass going to the eye piece. This results to improved brightness and genuine color across the light spectrum.

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD

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Additional Specifications of Bushnell 10×42 Legend Ultra HD

  • 10x magnification
  • 42 millimeters for the objective lens diameter
  • Field of view at 340 feet
  • Eye relief of 15.2 millimeters
  • 4.2 millimeters for the exit pupil
  • BK4 prism glass
  • Roof prism system
  • Tripod ready
  • Multi coated lenses
  • Easy to twist eye cups
  • Center focus system
  • Fog proof and water proof
  • Standard size that weighs 700 grams
  • If you buy the package, you will also get Bushnell binocular harness, carry case, lens cloth, a set of ultra HS binoculars and the neck strap.

What’s Good About Bushnell Ultra HD Binoculars?

What do buyers say about this product? Do they find it highly recommended? What are the positive reviews for this? Based on the performance of Bushnell 10x42mm Legend Ultra HD Binoculars, there are several positive feedbacks and comments observed. Based on my own testing, they are the following:

  • It is made of light weight materials due to the use of magnesium for the body or chassis. It weighs around 700 grams and this is an advantage since it can be carried around the neck even for several hours. Since it comes very light, it can be hanged using harness or neck strap. Either way, you will feel comfortable.
  • Another positive comment that I can point out is, the way on how it is being set up. Actually, I find it quick and easy to set up that even those who are not technology savvy can assemble it in a short time.
  • The texture is semi rough, which is a big advantage in order to prevent it from slipping and dropping. With this kind of texture, it is being considered for rugged and tough outdoor activities.
  • One more positive feature is about its performance in low light conditions. Despite the lack of proper lighting, this set of compact binoculars still provides an excellent quality image that every user needs.
  • The field of view is also fair since it can cover up to 340 feet in as far as 1000 yards.
  • The focus knob is easy to adjust. It only takes a little effort in order to make the necessary adjustments.
  • The optical quality is excellent, and that means images given are bright, crisp, vivid and clear.
  • It also has an elevated eye relief that makes it convenient to use with or without wearing eye glasses. At the end of the day, your eyes will never get tired.

Features to Improve

Now that the positive comments were already compiled, unfavorable comments should also be discovered. Negative feedbacks don’t aim to ruin the reputation of the brand; rather, they provide constructive criticisms in order to improve the future series of Bushnell Legend Ultra HD. Here are some of the unfavorable comments from that I have listed down:

  • When you buy this Bushnell Legend Ultra HD, you will be given with a complete package that includes a shoulder strap. Actually, I have discovered that the quality is not good. In this case, I can just buy a durable strap separately. Moreover, I have the option to use a neck strap as an alternative. These accessories can be purchased at specialty shops or at online stores.
  • It is also a common observation that the lens cover is quite loose. Since they do not fit perfectly on the lens, they tend to get lost or fall off easily. It would have been better if they are tightened in order to avoid falling off.
  • Another feedback that I can give is about the focus knob where others find it hard to turn. As a result, it gave me a hard time making the necessary adjustments. If this can be loosened a bit, it will only take me a few seconds to see the target object.
  • One more negative feedback is about the eye piece. I noticed that the eye piece is not of good quality and this may result to breaking off easily.
  • Lastly, my binocular’s eye piece lens contained some blemishes on the coating.

Final Say on Bushnell 10×42 Binoculars

Weighing all the pros and cons of Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x42mm Binoculars Camo, you can find more benefits than the disadvantages. Buyers will surely go for this considering that they can get more for paying less. As compared to other brands of the same category, this costs cheaper. In fact, other would cost two or three times more than this. This is a good buy if you will look into the features. However, some flaws are still observed but they are considered to be minor only. Moreover, these flaws can still be remedied since most of them are just on the appearance or physical attributes of the 10×42 binoculars.

If you are a practical buyer, who wishes not to spend much for such device, this is perfect for you. By the end of the day, you can still be confident to say that this device is really worth buying. When you buy this, you can also get a life time warranty and the total satisfaction that every user wants to have.

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