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Binoculars Reviews: Canon 10×42 L Image Stabilization Waterproof Binoculars

The Canon 10×42 L Image Stabilization Waterproof Binoculars is an Outdoor Person’s Wet Dream

Rejoice comrades for Canon has come out with the Canon 10×42 L Image Stabilization Waterproof Binoculars to keep you company through all your excursions. This bad boy is one of the latest in Canon’s line of high performance outdoor binoculars. Whether you’re a marine enthusiast, a navigator, star gazer, wild life watcher or would just love to rough it in the great outdoors; this image stabilizing binoculars is a must have gadget. Upfront, this baby packs a punch and can go pound for pound with all the binoculars that have come before.

Canon 10x42 L Image Stabilization Waterproof Binoculars

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A Glimpse of Next Generation Outdoor Gadgets

The company has promised to provide outdoor bodies next generation gadgets to aid them in their treks and they certainly have kept their promise in the binoculars department. This device has got enthusiasts lighting up the internet with reviews, comments and recommendations. We could see a bunch of testimonials and trials provided by those struck by the Binoculars’ functionality, durability and enhanced viewing capabilities. We know you are eager to see what it does and what separate this from the rest of the market. Let us get to the nitty-gritty of this device so that the explorer in you can weigh how much you need this in your arsenal.

The Tricks Up Its Sleeves

  • As an all around visual tool, the Canon 10×42 Binoculars provides maximum versatility. It is one of the first waterproof high-performance lenses that carry the Canon Image stabilizer with it.
  • It carries high-grade L series optics, a pair of UD lens elements, the largest exit pupil diameter carried by an IS Binocular from Canon and an exceptionally slick metal casing that allows for durability, anti-fogging and easy grip.
  • One can say that this waterproof binoculars was built for the extremes. You can run around with it, go through a swamp, stalk wildlife in the forests, view through the vast savanna, take it out at the highest roof tops or wait for that majestic flock of birds zooming through the horizon. Whatever you need done, this wicked binoculars follows suit.

The Future of High Performance Binoculars

Canon has been generous to provide Canon 10×42 binoculars with everything that can be packed in a single device. Binoculars after all are device used to enhance and magnify images that is why when looking at one, optics should be of the main concern. In this category, this wonder does not fall short. The Image stabilizer features of this dream gadget allows for a steady and shake-free viewing. Next generation lenses provide sharp, crisp, clear and distortion-free images. It has been designed with every environment in mind. These optic specs allows one to see through even the dimmest of environments, the foggiest of places and at some extent, provides a much clearer view than others have to offer while on the move. It is easily given a straight ten for visual clarity.

A Slick and Waterproof Design for all Environments

Add to the package that this reliable fellow is waterproof, the first waterproof Canon binoculars to carry such viewing capabilities. If you are not yet sold the maybe the extremely ergonomic design of the Canon Image Stabilized Binoculars which allows for easy carrying, a pair of eye reliefs enlarged to allow easier fitting and top of the line metal casing to keep lens fogging at bay. Never has been so much condensed in one device.

Still More Ups than Downs

  • Because of its features, the Canon 10×42 binoculars is bigger than most pieces in the market. If you are accustomed to using the standard-sized ones, you will have a little adjusting to do. The added weight also adds to the adjustment process but a few tries and most get the hang of this; so still a little setback outweighed by the bigger benefits.
  • The bulk of complaints are directed upon the strap quality and the lens caps. Some users complain of the strap as not being reliable enough for the size and weight of the camera. Remedy would be to buy better quality straps from accessory providers; an easy fix to a simple problem. The issue about lens caps not being able to keep itself in place also has had some recommending further customization and replacement of the part.
  • With only these few nuances, the Canon binoculars still provides more pros than cons. Easy remedies are already found all over the net. There are various blogs and forums dedicated to Telescopes and binoculars that provide solutions ranging from places that fix up your device up to cheaper do it yourself recommendations.
  • The last thing about this 10×42 binoculars that most complain about is the price. Given, it is a little pricier than what the market is used to, but with all those features it is a reasonable buy. Take our word for it that it still provides a better cost to quality ratio than those “uptown” brands.

Why You Should Have this Baby

It is fairly simple. If you wanted to have hunting binoculars or travel binoculars, the Canon 10×42 binoculars carries more bang for your buck. If you do not want a highly reliable eye piece with next generation features and durability that will make your grandpa’s binoculars envious; then do not purchase it. This is what every serious outdoor explorer should carry in his pocket; or more accurately around his neck. There has been much talk comparing this pair of stabilized binoculars with other boutique brands. Granted that Canon is not those high-end names recommended by those choosy with brands that they support and trust; but for the price range, this is the real deal. The company was able to dole out something with the active explorer in mind. I personally recommend this product for this is the future of binoculars development.

It All Comes Down to the Basics

No flowery words no cute little features; only those that matter. Viewing experience is topnotch, reliability is second to none and ease of use is every user’s delight. So if you are looking for a pair of binoculars to take with you to your next expedition that provides clear vision, is built like a tank, can be operated with little effort, is easily maintained and can adapt to almost all environments then you should get a hold of Canon image stabilized binoculars.

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