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The importance of Having A Good Quality Binoculars For Bird Watching

Bird watching is one of the fascinating hobbies that anyone can do. Moreover, it does not choose the gender, age, race or nationality of the person who wants to be a birder. For you to become a good birder, you need to possess some important qualities. First, you need to have a good knowledge about birds, but if not, you should be willing to study them. Next, you need to have enough resources since this hobby can be quite expensive. Third, you definitely need the devices needed for bird watching such as DSLR camera and a set of binoculars.

Once you engaged in bird watching, it is not enough that you only visit bird watching places. Actually, you should have the complete devices in order to have a memorable birding experience. A DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera is needed in taking quality photos of every bird that you will see. Additionally, a good quality binocular is your key in spotting and identifying birds properly.

Bird Watching As a Hobby

The importance of Having A Good Quality Binoculars For Bird WatchingBirding or bird watching is one of the several recreational hobbies that people do. This activity involves observing wild birds from their native home or habitat. Anybody can become a birder, provided that physical fitness and ornithological knowledge are possessed. There are several reasons why people do this activity over and over again, but the main reason would be the excitement they get when going out and learning about the nature together with other people, who share the same interest.

If you want to become a certified bird watcher, here are some things that you need to know:

  1. As a bird watcher, you need to have enough knowledge about the different species of birds. Having the basic information is acceptable; however, having an in-depth knowledge is a big advantage.
  2. Bird watching happens in several regions of the United States, or even in other parts of the world, so this can be very expensive. If you want to have the total birding experience, you should be prepared financially to pay for all your trips.
  3. Aside from transportation expenses, you should also invest on the things that you will use during bird watching. Any bird watcher should have a high performance DSLR camera, excellent binoculars, proper bird watching attire, durable footwear, and other things needed.

What You Get In Bird Watching

Aside from the excitement that bird watchers get in this hobby, they also find a sense of fulfilment as they find more bird species. Some bird watchers living in United States are only conformed within the country, but some even go to other parts of the world for a once in a lifetime experience.

Every bird watcher knows about the birding life list. This is a list of all the avian species that every birder was able to identify during bird watching. As a general rule, every birder must be 100% confident in identifying a bird before adding it on the life list. With the help of a field guide, a birder must identify bird species and take a picture for confirmation. As a birder, it is a great accomplishment to include as many birds as possible into this life list.

Why Do You Need A Good Quality Binoculars?

In bird watching, the goal is to identify a bird and take a picture for confirmation. However, before a bird can be identified, a birder needs to observe carefully using binoculars. Though some birds have specific sounds, it is still easier if you will invest in good binoculars in order to see them clearly.

While some birds come from far places, others put their homes in tree tops. With such, most birds can’t be seen by the naked eyes. Since birders are viewing them from afar, the use of binoculars is required. Every birder would definitely want to have a good view on every bird, so they buy the best binoculars depending on their need. Most birders choose 7, 8, or 10 for magnification, lens size between 30-50mm, and exit pupil for at least 4mm in size.

Normally, birders need to make a journal on what they have seen and observed during bird watching. During documentation, the special features of every bird need to be noted in order to create a reference that can be used on every bird watching season. In connection, there is a need for a high quality set of binoculars to see the true and actual color of every bird. In this way, documentation will be easier, accurate and enjoyable.

Having a high end set of binoculars can also give users endless opportunities to look beyond what the naked eyes can see. Human eyes are limited and can only look at a certain distance. With good quality binoculars, you will see more than the limits. Moreover, this is a great way to appreciate more the beauty of the things around you.

Lastly, high end binoculars can help in identifying more birds. As compared to low end binoculars, high quality binoculars can find more birds because of the clear and crisp images that it provides. Low quality binoculars can’t perform the way high end binoculars do.

For more detailed explanation on the specifications and features, you may find complete information from books and online sources.

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