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Binoculars Reviews: Nikon 7296 Monarch ATB 12×42 Binocular

For the model Nikon Monarch, it comes in three sizes – 8×42, 10×42 and the 12×42. Just like the other two, Nikon 7296 Monarch ATB 12×42 binocular is perfect for outdoor activities even if there is rain or fog.

Nikon 7296 Monarch ATB 12×42 Binocular Product Details

Here are the exclusive features of Nikon Monarch ATB:

  • Nikon binoculars come in water and fog proof feature, and this is what most users enjoy.
  • Its magnification is at 12x that gives better images even when the object is too far from the user. The focus system is at the center with a diameter of 42 millimeters for the objective lens. The field of view is quite wide for 262 feet at 1000 yards. The closest focus distance is at 8.2 feet. It also gives a good eye relief at 15.4 millimeters, which is very beneficial for those who wear eye glasses.
  • When the feature dielectric high reflective multi layer prism coating is mentioned, that refers to the method that gives the same brightness like how the naked eyes perceived it. In this case, the images seen by the lenses are similar to what the naked eyes see.
  • For those who wear eye glasses, the multi setting click stop eye cups helps by providing a fast relief as the users need it. By making a few clicks, the user wearing eye glasses can already see clearly without actually noticing the difference of the binocular vision.
  • The next feature is the fully coated lenses. This is the one responsible in giving a fog proof and water proof images. Since the lenses are multiple, it prevents the water and moist from entering the body. As a result, images are still clear despite the presence of rain and any changes in the temperature.
  • The external coating is also made of rubber that gives the user a good grip and prevents it from dropping and slipping.
  • Most importantly, Nikon provides a 25 year limited warranty where the user will only pay as low as $10 for the repair and this is regardless of whose fault it is.

Nikon 7296 Monarch ATB 12x42 Binocular

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Positive Reviews on Nikon 7296 Monarch ATB 12×42 Binocular

Moving on, I have several positive comments for Nikon 7296 Monarch ATB 12×42 binocular. Since I have personally used and tested the product, I was able to give my honest opinions and comments about the quality of this product. Below are just some of the favorable reviews I have noted down:

  • The first is the physical appearance of the Nikon action binoculars. This is one of my primary comments because the external body is made of good quality rubber. Due to this feature, it gives an anti-slip function and at the same time protects the body from being damaged.
  • Another positive comment I have is the price. As compared to other brands that give the same performance, Nikon 7296 Monarch ATB 12×42 binocular is relatively cheap. If users will take a look at all the features, they will also find this at a very reasonable price.
  • Being a 100% water proof is also a big advantage. I really find this beneficial, since I can use it even under the rain and heavy fog. Regardless of the temperature outside, this pair of binoculars will remain to provide clear images.
  • Another outstanding feature is the extended eye relief. Even for prolonged hours of continuous use, it can still provide the convenience and comfort that every user need. This is with the help of the central focus system.
  • The weight and size is also a benefit for me. If you are active and travel a lot, this set of Nikon binoculars will not be a burden to you. Users have the option to carry it around their neck or shoulder using a durable strap. Alternatively, it can be put inside the back pack. Whatever they choose, it won’t be a problem at all since these Monarch binoculars is small and very handy.
  • I also noticed that this set of Nikon Monarch ATB comes with a tripod socket. This means that there is an allotted spot for the use of tripod. By using a tripod, the viewing experience becomes better.
  • This set of binoculars also performs well even under low light conditions.

Negative Feedbacks on Nikon 7296 Monarch ATB 12×42 Binocular

On the other hand, I also have some negative feedbacks about Nikon 7296 Monarch ATB 12×42 binocular. Though they are just minor, they can still be improved and given attention in order to come up with better products in the future. For now, here are some of the features that can be enhanced:

  • Just like other Nikon binoculars, the eye cups are always the number 1 concern. In fact, I found the eye cups to be poorly attached. Since they don’t fit perfectly, they tend to fall off easily. As a result, they crack or break after a while.
  • Aside from that, the eye pieces are made of low quality materials. Even if there is no force being applied, they easily detach from each other.
  • Between the two eye pieces is the connection point. This part is made from poor material, so any eye piece can detach once this portion breaks.
  • I also noticed that it doesn’t have an image stabilizer. As a result, the image can become unstable when there is shaking and constant movements. If this feature is present, the images will be more stable regardless of the condition that surrounds it.

What’s the Conclusion?

After considering both the positive and negative comments for Nikon 7296 Monarch ATB 12×42 binocular, I have concluded that this is a good product to buy. If you are on a limited budget or not willing to spend that much for a set of binoculars, this is the one that you should buy. For paying around $300, you can get several benefits that you can also find in high powered binoculars.

Aside from mine, there are several positive reviews for Monarch binoculars that only mean it is worthy to buy. This is definitely recommended for beginners or to those who purchase it only for general use. On the other hand, there are just a few negative comments. Moreover, these comments are just minor and won’t have a big impact on the total performance. As a conclusion, every penny you have is really worth spending for this Nikon 7296 Monarch ATB 12×42 Binocular.

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