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Binoculars Reviews: Nikon 7297 Monarch ATB 8×42 Binocular

If you want cheap set of binoculars for bird watching, this Nikon 7297 Monarch ATB 8×42 Binocular is just perfect.

What You Need to Know About Nikon 7297 Monarch ATB 8×42 Binocular

These are the features included in every pair of Nikon Monarch binoculars:

  • The Nikon Binoculars is recommended for those who love to view moving targets like birds, deer, and other objects that are in motion. This set of Nikon Binoculars is filled with nitrogen and sealed with O-ring that gives fog and water proof performance. Whether you use it in the presence of fog or while raining, you don’t have to worry about its performance.
  • To avoid slipping and dropping, it has a rubber armor that also protects the vital parts. If you are always in action and move around all the time, this is perfect since it is light weight and has a sleek ergonomic design.
  • For those who want to have a different look for their binoculars, you can get it in camouflage design. Moreover, this pattern blends well with the environment, so it can be hidden without being noticed.
  • When it comes to handling, the focus knob gives a full range focus through an easy-to-turn style. In just few seconds, you can already view the target object.
  • Another feature is the click stop eye cups. This is responsible in giving a comfortable viewing even with the use of eye glasses.
  • Moving on, the performance of Nikon Monarch ATB 8×42 is excellent with the help of the dielectric multi layer prism coating that gives superior level of light transmission and outstanding color rendition and contrast.
  • To sum it up, you will be getting these features: roof prism type, 8x magnification, diameter of 42 millimeters for objective lens, 330 feet in 1000 yards for the field of view, center focus, and a very light weight at around 600 grams.
  • Most importantly, the package for this Nikon Monarch device includes 25 year limited warranty, travel case, lens cover for the objective lens, adjustable neck strap and the set of binoculars.

 Nikon 7297 Monarch ATB 8x42 Binocular

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Nice Features of Nikon 7297 Monarch ATB 8×42 Binocular

Moving on, let us talk about the positive and up lifting comments I have for this particular Nikon Monarch 8×42 Binoculars model. They are as follows:

  • For Nikon Monarch binoculars, the water and fog proof feature is what I love most including many outdoor enthusiasts. This is very helpful especially when users are out in the field for action. So, if the rain suddenly pours, users won’t have a hard time hiding it for protection.
  • Another outstanding feature is the texture. It comes in a rubber exterior that gives a good grip. Whether the user is running or just walking, there will be no worries of dropping it.
  • For me, the focus knob is indeed easy to use. It is also fast and accurate since you can make the adjustments in just a few seconds.
  • For those who wear eyeglasses, the Nikon Monarch 8×42 becomes a favourite since they can see clearly even with the use of eye glasses. The retractable feature can accommodate those who wear eye glasses.
  • Another outstanding feature that I like is the multicoated lenses to ensure contrast, light transmission and sharpness.
  • The roof prisms system includes a dielectric coating and this enhances efficiency in the optical system.
  • Most of all, I find the performance in low light conditions to be perfect. It gives superb level of sharpness and contrast that every user would want in a pair of Nikon Monarch binoculars.
  • For me, it is also a big advantage that several accessories can be added on the device. Some of them are the tripod adapter, harness strap, lens pen kit and the cleaning cloth for removing dust and dirt.

What Needs to be Improved

Now, we move on with the negative comments and feedbacks I have observed. These are the constructive criticisms that I have come up with for the purpose of improving any future series for Nikon binoculars. For now, here are the negative observations that need to be improved:

  • The Nikon 8×42 Monarch ATB comes with a free neck strap. In fact, this is a good thing; however, using a neck strap can bring neck pain. Though this is just a minor observation, it can be improved by changing it to a shoulder strap or harness. In this way, you can carry it around your body all day without feeling any pain or discomfort.
  • My next feedback is with the magnification. This particular model only provides 8 x magnifications, so it would be better to have a higher magnification value.
  • Nikon has a bad reputation on lens caps and eye pieces. Many users including me have been complaining about the poor quality materials that the manufacturer use in making eye pieces and the lens caps. Though these binoculars are relatively cheaper than other models, users still deserve to get a good quality material. Due to poor plastic material, the eye pieces fall off easily then breaks. For me, the lens cap is also poorly attached.
  • I also noticed that the price has become a disadvantage because the manufacturer only gives what your money is worth. In some instances, materials being used are not of good quality since they have only paid a small amount for the device.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Based on pros and cons that I have noted, you can see that the advantages are double the disadvantages. This means that there are only a few unfavorable reviews about Nikon 7297 Monarch ATB 8×42 binocular. So, if you buy this device you will get more than what you have paid for. But, remember that this particular model is perfect for bird watching and other outdoor activities that involve moving subjects. Some of them are hunting, watching sports events, bird watching, car racing, and many more.

If your subject is still or immobile, you can get the Nikon Monarch 10×42 instead. If you plan of giving this as a gift, it is just perfect. Aside from that, you can give it to someone who is an amateur in using binoculars for outdoor activities. This is also perfect for starters, who are just learning the art of bird watching. Once you are used to this, you are then free to upgrade to high performance Nikon Monarch binoculars. For now, this will be enough for those who are limited in budget, but wants to own a quality set of binoculars.

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