May 30

Binoculars Reviews: Nikon 7298 Monarch ATB 10×42 Binocular

Do you want a unique design for your set of binoculars at a very affordable price? If you do, the Nikon 7298 Monarch ATB 10×42 binocular will work best for you.

Nikon 7298 Monarch ATB 10x42 Binocular

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Product Specifications of Nikon 7298 Monarch ATB 10×42 Binocular

  • Birding experience will even get better with the use of this set of Nikon Monarch binoculars. This has been improved by incorporating a dielectric high reflective multi layer prism coating to give a crisp, bright and sharp color.
  • Moreover, this Nikon Monarch also includes an improved performance in low light conditions.
  • Its body also comes in a unique design and ruggedness that adds to its appeal and appearance.
  • The durable body also gives the strength needed by outdoor enthusiasts. Since it is made of light weight materials, there will be no problem in carrying it around your neck the whole day.
  • The multi layer prism coating is a technique being used to provide the same brightness as seen by the naked eyes at a far distance.
  • Aside from that, the images are also clear and contain high contrast in order to display the right color reproduction. The lenses that are multi coated is responsible in giving a bright resolution to any target image.
  • For non slip grip, these 10×42 binoculars made use of rubber armored coating. To make any adjustment, the central knob can be used. Since it is easy to use, the range of focus needed can be done in just a few seconds.
  • Users will also get the multi setting click stop eyecups that is responsible in giving a comfortable view even when using eye glasses. Whether you prefer wearing an eye glasses or not, you will still get the comfort without noticing the difference. The precision aligned optics is important for extended period of viewing during tough adventures like wildlife viewing, birding and hunting.
  • The changes in the environment is never a problem since the device contains fog proof and water proof design using nitrogen and O-ring seal.
  • Above all, you can get all these great features in a slim design and lightweight material. However, the weight will not limit it from giving the strength and ruggedness needed for outdoor activities.


For  Nikon Monarch 10×42, you will definitely find positive reviews and comments from users and testers including myself. Here are some of the top feedbacks that I have noted down that give positive comments:

  • My first comment is just minor and it is about the neck strap included in the package. Though it is just a simple observation, I definitely appreciate the efforts of the manufacturer. I actually observed that the neck strap included is wide enough that gives the security and protection needed for the binoculars.
  • This Nikon Monarch ATB model also comes in a study body. This is the type of binoculars that outdoor enthusiasts want to bring along in any of their adventures because it is tough and rugged. Most of the time, hobbyists move a lot and go to different places, so this becomes a perfect companion.
  • For me, the focus knob is not too loose or too tight. In this case, users can turn it easily in just a few seconds in case there is a need to make some adjustments.
  • I was also surprised to get an excellent light focus. This means that the image given is of superior quality.
  • Also, the ergonomic design is just perfect since it gives users a very comfortable hold. Even if I used the Nikon Monarch ATB 10×42 for several hours, I didn’t feel any discomfort due to its excellent body shape.
  • The kind of glass used is superior; therefore, it gives great brightness, crisp and color to images.
  • I also find Nikon 10×42 Binoculars perfect for bird watching and other viewing activities.

Features to Improve

After the positive comments, the features that need to be improved should also be mentioned. This is for the purpose of making some improvements and adjustments from the manufacturer. Below are the negative comments that I have compiled:

  • The top complaint I have is the quality of the eye piece. First, it is made of low quality plastic material that cracks and breaks even without applying some force. Aside from that, this causes inconvenience especially when there is a need for repair or replacement.
  • Another observation is with the lens cover. Aside from the eye piece, the lens cover is also of poor quality and brittle, and not attached properly. After some time, the cover just fall and break off automatically.
  • I have also been noticed that the connection point of the two eye pieces is very fragile. Due to this, any eye piece falls off easily. This then becomes a big inconvenience since it requires some repair.
  • As compared to other models, I noticed that the field of view feature is relatively smaller. This limits the users on what they can see.
  • I have also noticed that the magnifying feature is not really good. This restricted me from using it in wildlife observation.
  • For me, Nikon Monarch Binoculars 10×42 is not compact and a little heavy. In connection, I do not recommend it for back packers and long hours of continuous use.
  • For those using eye glasses, I noticed that this Nikon Monarch ATB binoculars is quite difficult to position. Proper positioning is needed in order to adjust the sight of those who wear eye glasses without noticing the difference.

Final Say

For the conclusion, this comes in 50-50 position. If you are to check the benefits and the disadvantages, they are of the same number. Both actually talked about the features and the physical attributes of the Nikon 7298 Monarch ATB 10×42 binocular. To make this simple, the disadvantages are more of the quality of the materials that can still be improved.

The benefits have the same number with the features, so to break the tie, take a look at the price. In fact, it is very reasonable. So, if you are into bird watching or you want to use this for general use, the Nikon Monarch 10×42 is highly recommended. However, you may want to get a high end binocular in case you want to use it in wildlife viewing and star gazing. If you are new in using binoculars, this Nikon Monarch ATB is good to start with.. If you are new in using binoculars, this device is good to start with.

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