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Binoculars Reviews: Vanguard Spirit Ed Binocular

Do you need a set of binoculars that looks tough and at the same time works excellently? If you do, the Vanguard Spirit ED Binocular Black is perfect for you. This particular model comes in three sizes such as 8×42, 8×36 and 10×42.

Vanguard Spirit Ed Binocular Product Details

For those who are interested of owning this pair of Vanguard binoculars, it is important that you know the following:

  • Generally, Vanguard created this with a maximum of 90% light transmission that gives an almost perfect viewing experience.
  • It also has a prism design with ED glass and advanced lens that allows the user to have the best personal experience with nature.
  • Its texture and feel is semi-rough and this makes it easy to hold even with the use of a single hand. In fact, this is one of the unique features that it has, since outdoor activities require multi-tasking. With its texture, there will be few worries of slipping and other forms of accidents.
  • Another important feature of this set of binoculars is the vision capabilities. It provides a clear and crisp view even from a far, and this is made possible with the help of the coated optics. Even if you use it for prolonged hours, this device will never give you eye fatigue or any discomfort at the end of a long day.
  • The Vanguard Spirit Ed also has a focus wheel that doesn’t require much effort. In fact, it only takes a little effort to turn it in order to get the right focus you need. With this, the shifting of focus is never a challenge.
  • If you plan of wearing this around your neck for several hours, that is also not a problem. It only weighs around 649 grams, so it is light enough to carry around.
  • Moreover, the two eyecups are adjustable and flexible in a way that it helps block out unwanted light and glare.
  • When you get a Vanguard Spirit Ed Binocular, you will get outstanding features like extra-low dispersion glass, enhanced coating, V-Max silver coating, emerald coating, and a fog and water proof body and an advanced stage of anti-reflection coating.

Vanguard Spirit Ed Binocular

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Positive Reviews

Based on what I have experienced, I have noted down the important comments and reviewers I have for Vanguard Spirit Ed .Here are the positive feedbacks based on what I have seen:

  • First, I love the design of the body since it has a semi-rough texture that makes it easy to hold. The armor is just right because it can protect the vital parts from bumps, shakes knocks and even in wet environment.
  • Vanguard Binoculars Lifetime WarrantyIn addition to that, it has a fair weight at 640 grams.
  • As compared to other high quality optics, this is considered to be one of the lightest binoculars.
  • If you love water sports and other water based activities, this set of compact binoculars is tough since it is made with 100% waterproof materials. This was made possible due to the use of nitrogen that is known to resist fogging, even with the presence of high humidity and fluctuations with temperature.
  • One of the many features I love is the eye cups. I considered it as an excellent pair because it gives good comfort with its soft rubber covering. With such, you can push it firmly into your face that results to the blockage of outside light.
  • One more feature that I love is the flexibility it has for those who wear eyeglasses. Those who don’t wear eyeglasses can use the full extended position, while those who wear eyeglasses can easily adjust it according to the exact distance that they need.
  • Above all, this set of travel binoculars gives an outstanding feedback on eye relief at 19 millimeters. This means that users who eyeglass will get the best comfort that they need.

Negative Feedbacks

In addition to positive reviews, I have also observed a few unpleasant feedbacks. I made this because this is what manufacturers need to focus on in order to improve their products. Moreover, these features are just some of the things that should be included on the future models of Vanguard binoculars.

  • My first feedback is about the focusing distance. I am hoping that it would have been better if they can get a closer minimum distance, so that they can fully enjoy their viewing experience. Currently, it can only give 8.2 feet and it would have been better if it can reach farther than that.
  • Another feedback I have is with the field of view. I have observed that other hunting binoculars have wider field of view, so this device can still do better in that aspect.
  • In addition, other good binoculars have built-in stabilizers and auto focus, but this one doesn’t.

Final Say on This Set of Vanguard Binocular

Overall, this set of compact binoculars is still a good buy for several reasons. First, the price is competitive enough as compared to other brands. In fact, you can see some binoculars that sell two or three times more than this. Since Vanguard Spirit Edit gives a very high quality for best viewing experience, it is fair enough to buy it. The next point is the weight. This is very light at around 600 grams, so it can be carried around even for prolonged hours. Outdoor enthusiasts are normally active and move around all the time, so this is something that doesn’t turn out to be a burden. With its light weight, it can be placed inside the back pack without worrying much of your luggage.

Another point I have is about the sharpness and brightness it has. I have noticed the quality of images it can produce. While using Vanguard binoculars, I had an outstanding image even if the subject is thousands of kilometers away. In fact, this is one of the top features that I look for in order to satisfy my needs.

Lastly, the most important point is the use of ED glass, since not all brands have it. This extra low dispersion glass provides a good range of options in minimizing and controlling aberrations. Aberrations refer to the failure of a lens to focus all the colors. As a result, the image gets blurred but with this ED glass, it can reduce the blurred images and replace it with sharp and bright ones.

As a conclusion, the Vanguard Spirit Ed Binocular is a good buy considering the outstanding features that it has to offer. Moreover, the negative feedbacks are just minor and will not have great impact on the total performance of the device.

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